Announcing the New CabinetCorp Website!

In order to switch from the old website to the new one, we’re gonna have to shut down tonight at 11:30pm EDT. You will not be able to place orders during this time. We are hoping to have the new website up and running no later than 4:00pm EDT Sunday afternoon. But it is possible that the transfer might take longer than that – so we’ll consistently post updates during the process on’s Maintenance Page.

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Spring Cleaning

The Most Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Guide For Your Kitchen

Is it a coincidence we have the routine of doing a deep clean throughout the house in the spring? Of course not. Spring is the perfect time to tackle your kitchen and give the room a thorough working over. In the summer, most of us want to be outside, enjoying the long days, cooking and entertaining. So, summer is not such a great time to approach the job. Winter is too cold and a time to be close to the fire, snuggle on the couch, and catch up on some TV. Spring is the perfect time to clean, when the days gradually get warmer and drier, but it’s still not the perfect time to spend all your time outdoors.

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