Welcome to the CabinetCorp Learning Center! We have painstakingly crafted this very brief crash course in cabinetry to cover all the essentials and get you going in no time! If you have any questions about any of the content you find in the Learning Center, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us via phone, online chat, email, or you can even use the Contact Form on our website! We hope you find this section of our website useful and informative!

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Table of Contents

Part 1

Kitchen Cabinets 101

Start your cabinet journey by learning the essentials! This section helps you get the foundation in place so your next project goes off without a hitch.

Learn all about Kitchen Terms, Kitchen Concepts, Kitchen Functions, Cabinet Types, Working with a Kitchen Designer, Should You DIY? and Cabinet Construction.

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Part 2

10x10 Kitchens

The scoop on the most important lingo in the business. Learn all about Linear Feet, the 10×10 Kitchen, and the 10-Foot Run Kitchen.

Also get a glimpse of what a basic 10×10 Kitchen will cost you @ MSRP in all our Framed Cabinet Styles. 

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Part 3

Kitchen Layout 101

There are many ways to design a kitchen – but most kitchen designs usually adhere to these five basic concepts:

The On-Wall Kitchen, the Galley Kitchen, the L-Shaped Kitchen, the U-Shaped Kitchen & the G-Shaped Kitchen. See what all the floorplans look like by exploring this section.

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Part 4

Cabinet Quality

Not all cabinets are made equally. This section is a thorough, deep-dive into Cabinet Quality. What makes a quality cabinet? What are the main points I should consider when choosing new cabinets? 

Those questions and more are all answered in our comprehensive Cabinet Quality guide (easily broken down into bite-sized sections).

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Part 5

How to Measure

Ready to start applying your cabinet know-how to your next project? Awesome! 

Here’s a Step-By-Step guide on how to measure your space. Go on, dive in. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

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Part 6

How to Use This Website

Our website has changed quite a bit as of late!

Click here to learn how to use the new website and where old features have been moved.

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