Framed Kitchen Cabinets

These American Style framed kitchen cabinets are known for the border or frame around the cabinet door face. This frame can vary in design from a clean, two-inch frame to and ornate frame with multiple levels and beveling to give you the beauty, style, and personality you want in your kitchen cabinets.

Framed kitchen cabinets come in pre-assembled or ready to install (RTA) models with multiple finishes and colors to complement your home decor.

You can choose the look and color of your framed cabinets to create your dream kitchen.

Match a minimalist modern look with framed kitchen cabinets you can, or a transitional look somewhere in-between modern and traditional with finishes of white to grey, and black.

Framed kitchen cabinets with full face embellishments fit beautifully into a traditional, victorian, Tuscan or country kitchen and in finishes of antique white, to cream, beige, light and dark oak.

Framed cabinets vs. frameless

When considering framed cabinets for a modern style, Shaker cabinets will be the perfect fit. Keep in mind that frameless kitchen cabinets with no framing and a sleek, flat cabinet front are the real modern style. Framed kitchen cabinets do have European concealed, soft-close hinges like frameless cabinets for quiet cabinet doors.


You’ll love the cost savings by purchasing RTA cabinets wholesale. RTA framed kitchen cabinets are flat packed for zero-movement and shipped directly to your home or office within two business days. Making them budget-friendly and extremely efficient for your kitchen remodeling project. Buying RTA cabinets wholesale give the DIY homeowner the perfect weekend project, or you can allow your kitchen contractor to install them for you to enjoy. You can also order pre-assembled framed kitchen cabinets shipped from the manufacturer within 4-6 business days.