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Transform a Kitchen With These New Trends

As contractors, we know that kitchens are the center of every home.  Whether your client is cooking a Thanksgiving feast or re-heating leftovers, making banana pancakes on a Sunday morning or grabbing a cup of coffee on the way out the door, everything starts — and usually ends — in the kitchen.
Transform a kitchen into a place worthy of so much action and attention. This can be as simple as  addressing the kitchen cabinets. Here are some cabinet-specific ideas to help transform your client’s kitchen into a room worthy of so much traffic.
Floor to ceiling installs 
Now, kitchen cabinets are THE integral part of the kitchen’s design. Cabinets are furniture. Add a sense of grandeur to your client’s kitchen by installing floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.  Not only does this promote the “kitchen as a valuable room” idea,  it’s also extremely practical. With the trend toward open floor plans, floor-to-ceiling cabinets can add much-needed storage that no longer encroaches on storage areas elsewhere in the home.
White is always right
Is your client having a difficult time choosing the style of cabinets? Transform a kitchen with white or off-white shaker doors as a simple change-up in accessories will help cabinet styles work across cottage, traditional and even modern kitchens.
Simple addition, luxury feel
Another simple addition that creates an instantly custom feel focuses on built-in appliances. Covering them with a custom matching panel is one more way to make your client’s kitchen feel more like a special room in the home.
Mix and match is in
As long as you remain congruent in the style of the cabinet (shaker, antique, etc.), mixing and matching your cabinet colors makes for a dramatic and sophisticated approach. If you’re going with white upper cabinets, why not choose a different color – perhaps espresso or gray – for the island or lower cabinets?  Doing so defines the space, bringing out the best in both looks.
We’re happy to provide free design services for all of the options we’ve mentioned … and more.
The kitchen is the hardest working room in any house. It’s also the gathering place for family on a daily basis with added friends and extended family taking to the kitchen, regardless of the amount of “designated party space” there might be in play elsewhere.  Why not transform a kitchen so that it finally deserves all of the attention it receives?

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