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Current Trends in the Kitchen Cabinet Business

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

As we enter 2023 with the possibility of a recession looming, professionals in the kitchen cabinet industry are watching the market to see if any past trends will repeat themselves.

The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI), a leading market research resource for the home and building industry, has forecast that current inflation trends will continue to cause a decline in home improvement spending, including a 1.5% reduction in sales of home improvement products in 2023, compared to 2022.

Here’s what you need to know about business trends emerging this year in the market for kitchen cabinets.

A softening market

“After two years of double-digit growth in the home improvement market, economic pressures are expected to slow category activity next year,” said HIRI Operations Director Pam Heidel. “However, this market is still expected to grow, which is good news for our industry.”

Projected growth rates for sales of home improvement products through 2026

As pan­dem­ic-dri­ven demand eas­es over the com­ing years, growth of pro­fes­sion­al mar­ket sales is expect­ed to aver­age 3.2% 2024 – 26.

  • Roofing and supplies: 7.5%
  • Gypsum and specialty boards: 7.3%
  • Hard-surface floor coverings: 6.8%
  • Lawn and garden equipment and supplies: 6.0%
  • Kitchen and bath cabinets: 5.9%
  • Windows, skylights, and patio doors: 5.9%
  • Insulation and weatherization products: 5.9%

According to the Kitchen & Bath Market Index (KBMI), homeowners are still planning to complete projects. Still, they anticipate taking on smaller projects or splitting large projects into smaller, more affordable bites. Projects with higher budgets are most at risk of being postponed or canceled.

Strong future outlook

Even as the kitchen cabinet industry softened in Q4 2022, the future outlook remains strong. While there may be fewer large kitchen remodels in the pipeline, kitchen contractors can still expect to see demand for smaller projects.

KBMI tracks the predicted future conditions to give contractors, retailers, and other industry professionals an idea of where they think the industry is headed. The future conditions rating has seen a slight increase in Q4 compared to Q3 in 2022, and industry professionals expect Q1 2023 activity to increase by 2.7% from Q4 2022. This outlook tells a story of increasing confidence in the future.

With consumers facing economic challenges, many kitchen contractors have had projects canceled. Still, according to the KBMI reports, most contractors report an average increase of 6.5% in year-over-year project completions.

What kitchen contractors can do to improve business margins

Focus on design

CabinetCorp designers note that homeowners are focused on design. This could mean knocking out a wall, expanding their dining and entertaining space, and improving the functionality of their current kitchen’s layout and cabinetry. By working with CabinetCorp designers, you have an instant expert on your team to help create the perfect kitchen for your clients.

Small-appliance work areas and more storage are hot topics. Homeowners want a minimalist look as a backdrop for their cooking and entertaining. The kitchen designers can help you give your clients adequate storage while keeping a minimalist style.

Expect an uptick in demand for expanded or double-size kitchen islands to serve multiple purposes, as well as renovations that add a second dishwasher, a walk-in pantry, and additional appliances like mini-refrigerators for specific items.

The design team at Cabinet Corp saves you the money on hiring your own designer and takes time off of your plate so you can move on to managing multiple projects.

Make it easy

Homeowners want their homes to provide comfort and ease for daily living. Increasingly, they are choosing technology as a place to start when considering a kitchen remodel. More of today’s kitchen projects include touchless appliances, voice- or motion-activated features, and mobile apps — giving tech-savvy homeowners seamless control over everything in their homes. Homeowners will pay contractors to determine the best way to incorporate innovative technology. This could be an extra offering for your business if you don’t currently incorporate the tech.

Recommend maintenance-free choices

Install stain-resistant countertops- Quartz countertops are the favorite in 2023. The durable material resists damage, and its nonporous nature makes it easy to clean so homeowners can maintain a healthy kitchen. It is also stain-resistant, a bonus in homes with owners who love to cook and entertain. Quartz is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Quartz will save homeowners money in the long term as the look is timeless, and they will weather daily use well.

Install durable flooring – Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) vinyl is a favorite for how well it withstands water and other types of damage. Homeowners want to come home to a beautiful-looking floor and not worry if they drop a knife, break a dish, or spill water or other liquids. This flooring does not scratch or curl. SPC vinyl is also timeless and works well visually with any kitchen style. Kitchen contractors can choose attractive, easy-to-install SPC vinyl plank from CabinetCorp to save money on labor and achieve a look their clients will love. This investment will save homeowners money in the long term.

Help clients save money

Kitchen contractors can help homeowners save on total project costs by recommending ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets.

RTA cabinets are made of all-plywood construction and can meet any design or style challenge. Frameless cabinets give the homeowner more internal space, adding a sleek and smooth panel look to the doors. A clean-lined Shaker style, a layered Tacoma style, or the traditional Cambridge style can complement any home, from modern and contemporary to traditional.

RTA cabinets save money because they’re flat-packed and ship for less than assembled cabinets, reducing labor costs for assembly. You’ll receive all project supplies and parts in a single shipment so you can complete the job without delays.

How to maximize the deals

For access to the best pricing, professional design assistance, and project management, consider becoming a CabinetCorp dealer. As a dealer, you can work with our kitchen designers and receive kitchen designs and 3D renderings at no additional charge. You can also order cabinet door sample packages, marketing materials, style guides, and more. This dealer program is an excellent opportunity for any kitchen contractor, whether you’re well-established or just starting your business, to tap into professional discounts and powerful business tools that will help you grow your business.

Visit our dealer page for more details.

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