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Upgrade The Laundry Room with Versatile Kitchen and Closet Cabinetry

Laundry Room with Versatile Kitchen and Closet Cabinetry

Remember when a household’s washer and dryer were wedged into a dark space in the basement? Today’s homeowner wants nothing to do with their mother’s laundry room. When planning a laundry room renovation for a client, having a good layout is essential. A laundry room should provide an ideal space to organize and store laundry supplies, linens, and other items, so why not help your clients create a functional and pleasant laundry space?

Using versatile kitchen and closet cabinets, you can upgrade a laundry room quickly, much faster than a typical kitchen remodel. Then add lighting, countertops, cabinet organizers, and quality flooring to pull the room together and delight your client with the result.

Plan ahead for a laundry room renovation project

Before you begin the upgrade process, work with your client to assess their current laundry room and understand their needs. For example, replacing existing cabinets can add function and utility if they run out of space to store laundry and linens in the current room due to limited storage and organizing space.

When choosing ready-to-assemble (RTA) closet cabinetry pieces, you can keep the budget down and add additional hanging bars, shoe racks, and shelving to improve laundry room efficiency. RTA kitchen cabinets can also work well in the laundry room.

Storage options include:

  • Pull-out shelves.
  • Different types of drawer organizers.
  • Wire organizers for house cleaners and laundry soaps.

Choose the right type of cabinet for your client’s laundry room needs

RTA kitchen cabinets are a great solution to add storage for laundry and linens and a place to keep cleaners and small appliances like a clothes iron or steamer. When you consider the options in kitchen cabinets, you can design an entire upper and lower cabinet system if the space allows and add tall pantry cabinets for hanging clothes or storing the ironing board. Then add pull-out shelving to base cabinets for a laundry room to delight any homeowner.

RTA closet storage systems can provide even more functionality, with clothing-specific options like single or double hanging bars, shoe organizers, and shelving to store items of all sizes.

Both kitchen and closet cabinetry can create a range of storage options, whether the room in question can accommodate freestanding or built-in cabinets.

Select lighting to enhance functionality and comfort

Laundry rooms are typically small, leftover spaces with little attention to lighting. Adding improved general and task lighting will help brighten up the space and make it feel more comfortable. Consider designing the room with pendant lights over the built-in countertop or above the cabinets. Recessed lighting under the upper cabinets to illuminate countertop work areas or under the base cabinets to illuminate the floor will help the laundry room feel open and welcoming.

Choose shelves, racks, and drawers to improve storage and organization

If the current laundry room design doesn’t have enough storage, shelves, hanging racks, and drawers can help to solve the problem. Closet or kitchen shelving with in-between cabinet roll-out pantry shelves can add storage for cleaning supplies, fabric softeners, and rags.

If there’s no space for large hanging racks, add smaller closet organizers with a top, bottom, or both hanging bar options in sizes ranging from 18”, 24”, or 30” wide instead. Install them next to each other for even more storage space.

Base kitchen cabinets with large, deep drawers can help If the laundry room has limited cabinet space. Freestanding base cabinets allow the homeowner to make room for larger items like stand mixers and coffee makers and provide storage space for towels, sheets, and off-season clothing.

Install new flooring for a welcoming feel

If the existing laundry room floor is wood or tile, installing new flooring in the laundry room will brighten up the space and provide a more uniform look.

One popular and practical choice is Greenguard-certified SPC flooring, free of phthalates and other chemicals. This means it has low chemical emissions and is pet-friendly, fire-resistant, antimicrobial, recyclable, and radiant-heat approved-the; the perfect green flooring to reduce your client’s carbon footprint and keep people and pets safe from chemicals.

This flooring is ideal for the laundry room where you are washing clothes because it is 100% waterproof and resistant to scratches and dents. SPC vinyl flooring is durable and hard-duty. Advanced manufacturing technologies make SPC vinyl planks that mimic the look of natural wood and stone at a lower price point.

SPC waterproof vinyl flooring is the top-of-the-line choice for both appearance and functionality. The ultra-tough, stone-plastic composite ensures that the core layer will maintain its form even on top of uneven subfloors. With SPC rigid-core vinyl, you’ll find beautiful planks in today’s latest wood and stone-look trends and colors.

Consider adding new countertops

If the existing laundry room feels cramped, suggest adding countertop space to the layout. The extra usable space in the form of a countertop over an island, a peninsula, or base cabinetry will create a welcome work area and extra storage.

The durability of quartz and granite countertops makes either material a great option for any laundry room. Quartz is the most popular countertop material in the market today. This material is stain-, scorch-, scratch-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free. Quartz’s quality, durability, design, and color options l will improve any laundry room.

Granite is another great option for laundry room countertops. This beautiful natural material is scratch- and chip-resistant and will not scorch or stain.

Frequently asked questions about upgrading a laundry room

When you’re ready to plan a laundry room renovation for your clients using kitchen or closet cabinets, be ready to answer these questions:

How much does updating a laundry room with RTA kitchen cabinets cost?

Prices for new RTA kitchen cabinets or closet cabinets will vary depending on the room size and the number of units needed for the space. You can expect to spend between $200 and $1,000 for a set of cabinets.

Does updating the laundry room add value to the home? 

Updating the laundry room may be one of the most straightforward and valuable updates a homeowner can make. A well-equipped laundry room can keep laundry and laundry-related activities out of the kitchen. An attractive, up-to-date laundry room can be a feature that attracts buyers when it’s time to sell the home.

CabinetCorp can help you design your client’s dream laundry room

Updating the laundry room can help to make your client’s home more functional and comfortable. Upgraded lighting will make all laundry tasks–sorting, washing, drying, folding, and even ironing–easier. New flooring adds comfort for long periods of standing. Durable RTA ed cabinets will improve the functionality of your client’s laundry room and can easily last 20-30 years. Contact CabinetCorp today–our expert designers can help you turn a worn, dated laundry room into a functional and welcoming space your clients will appreciate for many years.

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