Then and now, a recap of last year’s trends and what kitchen design trends you’ll see in 2015

So let’s recap and take a look at what was trending last year in 2014…

Last year was a year for major kitchen remodels. Some of the trends included adding smart appliances, and more storage options came available with real built-in complexity. Another trend incorporated was copper. Copper was incorporated everywhere from light fixtures, sinks, faucets, stoves and even something like backsplash tiles. It not only ages gracefully but looks luxurious too. Granite countertops were also at the top of list for kitchen remodels last year.

Lastly, one of 2014’s most popular kitchen trend was the open floor plan. This carries us into 2015. This lasting trend is still going strong and may in fact continue for many years to come.

Now that we have reviewed last year’s top trends let’s take a look at what is trending now for the year 2015…

It seems that contemporary styles with minimal lines has been on an upward climb for popularity. More than 60 percent of NKBA Trend respondents point to Contemporary as the fastest- growing style for kitchens. More and more customers are going for a Shaker door as it can either lend itself to traditional or contemporary. This allows for its users to decorate in their own style with ease. The actual design layout of the kitchen is has become more focused with universal designs that increase storage and are adaptable for older people.

Painted finishes are on the rise in popularity and it’s not just white and black paint. Other colors such as gray and greens are becoming quite popular as well. The gray finish caught on last year and has grown and will continue growing in popularity.

Cabinets that have furniture-style design features are predicted to rise in popularity. This style gives the home a more comfy feeling and can really make a person feel at-home. Since the kitchen is much more of a social area in the home today than before, this makes sense.

Some of the more contemporary styled individuals will go more for minimal wall cabinets and instead have open and airy wall shelving. It is also said that vertical-joint wood paneling is a design that is gaining traction.

Now as we know smart appliances became popular last year. As technology keeps improving things like touch-me fixtures will become the norm in years to come.

A lot of people are even enhancing these new kitchen appliances and designs with special LED lighting techniques like at the toe kick molding on the bottom of their cabinets and above and below wall cabinets. We expect to see more of these kitchen design trends in 2015.


Lastly, polished chrome and nickel is supremely popular now. It lends a decorative style that is innovative, clean and well just darn pretty!

Have you incorporated any of these design trends yet? What do you think about these up and coming kitchen design trends for 2015? We would love your feedback and if you have any pictures of your own that you want to share we would love it if you posted them on our facebook page!

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