5 Creative Ideas for Cabinets in the Home

Creatvie uses for cabinets

When talking about cabinets, most people think kitchen or bathroom. But the truth is cabinets can be used anywhere in the house or garage where some extra storage is needed.

As an online supplier of wholesale cabinets to contractors, we at CabinetCorp love sharing news about kitchen remodeling and cabinet trends, as well as creative ideas for cabinets. The possibilities are endless.

Consider these five creative ideas for cabinets in the home. These work great for new cabinets that you can order online here on our site. Or consider some of these ideas for older kitchen cabinets that are being replaced with new cabinets for your next kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Island

This one keeps it in the kitchen but it’s a very popular use of cabinets these days. Use a section of cabinets to create a kitchen island. Use a countertop that is larger than the cabinets to create space for extra seating, which is always needed in the kitchen. Extra seating and extra storage? What a plus! This is one of the most popular creative ideas for cabinets.

Sofa Table or Sideboard

Making a sideboard from cabinets is one of the creative ideas for cabinets in the home.

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Combine three or more 15 or 18-inch base cabinets to create a one-of-a-kind sofa table for the living room, a console for your entryway or a sideboard for your dining room. Use wood screws to join them together. Remove the toekicks and screw in decorative feet.  Find all the details here. Aren’t you loving these creative ideas for cabinets in the home?

Window Seat or Banquette

Making a bench is one of the creative ideas for cabinets in the home.

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For this project, consider the 18-inch deep by 24-inch high wall cabinet that is typically used over the refrigerator. By combining several of these, along with cushions, you can create custom window seating anywhere in the house. Consider an L-shaped section of these to create banquette seating for your eat-in kitchen. Just add a table and you’re set. Just think about that extra storage below these seats.

Closet Storage

Why search for pricey closet storage units when you can instead use cabinets in your walk-in closet? Use them on the wall or on the floor to create great storage solutions in your closet. Add a few extra shelves in base cabinets to create custom shoe storage. Or add some roll-out shelving to a base to create easy access storage. These creative ideas for cabinets are sure to get you thinking about your own ideas.

Tiki Bar

Making a tiki bar one of the creative ideas for cabinets in the home.


Much like the banquette or kitchen island, combine several lower cabinet bases of the size of your choice for a tiki bar for use on the back patio, porch or outdoor room. As before, join them together with wood screws and consider a ceramic tile countertop in a colorful pattern to give you that tropical feel. To protect against the elements, consider applying a waterproof sealant. You can also go all out by covering it in a bamboo veneer or thatch covering. Your clients will love you when you suggest adding a sink to your tiki bar, perfect for mixing all those drinks. Creative ideas for cabinets, indeed.

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