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What is the difference between construction, builders, and semi-custom cabinet grades?


Quick overview of cabinet grades

A question we have been asked often about cabinet quality is in about the difference in cabinet grades. Cabinets come in five different grades: construction, builders, semi-custom, custom, designer, or luxury grade. We are going to focus on the first three as they are the most common in industrial builds, home building, and remodeling.

Construction, builder, and semi-custom grade cabinets may look the same on the surface. However, construction-grade cabinets often have cheaper materials like MDF or particleboard. Builder grade is the typical stock cabinet that may be made with all plywood but is constructed quickly for mass production and doesn’t last as long. Semi-customers are the best quality a kitchen contractor can buy if they do not custom-build the kitchen cabinets. Semi-custom are all plywood cabinets constructed with the highest quality joints and materials to last 20-30 years with proper installation.

What is the difference between construction, builders, and semi-custom grade cabinets?

Partical-board-CabinetCorpConstruction grade cabinets are often constructed from cheap material and come in limited sizes and styles. It is possible to find a well-built set of cabinets for a reasonable price. However, these cabinets are built with MDF and are susceptible to wetness and moisture. You see these more in industrial builds where little or no details are necessary, and they serve more of a functional purpose.


Builder’s grade is usually the most affordable and uses medium-grade rta-cabinets-CabinetCorpmaterials. These are the most common cabinets in America. They are typically made of plywood but still tend to be mass-produced and have a wooden or plastic veneer. They could be considered the stock cabinets at a home improvement store due to the materials used.


Semi-custom grade cabinets are a mix of the builder’s grade in that they use plywood and other high-quality materials. They have several semi-custom finishings to choose from and high-quality hardware. They can also have more details to add to the style of the cabinetry. Due to the quality of wood, semi-custom cabinets are longer lasting and more durable. These are the best you can buy in an affordable price range and are what CabinetCorp has to offer. By ordering from CabinetCorp, you automatically save 30-40% than what you’d pay at a big-box home improvement store. 


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