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How To Make Your Bathroom A Private Haven

Bathrooms are great places to unwind. It’s where you are all by yourself and you take that extra time to be alone and revel in it. If this is true, then your bathroom isn’t just a place to do your daily duties.

It can become more than it is now, a safe haven where you can enjoy your private time and visitors can get a glimpse into your life and your personality. So how do you reflect your home and your style in your bathroom? Especially, in this holiday season when you’ve got more guests coming in than ever. Maybe these pointers can help.

Change According To The Seasons

When you’re trying to fit your bathroom into the ‘style’ space, be mindful that this means that its look will constantly change and be in tune with the times. If it’s summer, make it bright and vibrant, and a place where you feel like it really portrays summer’s warmth. If Halloween is around the corner, deck it up with some spooky accessories.

And, during the holidays in Christmas, hang a wreath outside the door, put out some Santa hats and Christmas accessories inside to give it a festive look. While you’re working on your festive decor, always add a personal touch. Maybe you could add some hand towels that are characteristically you or a little salt lamp. Make a statement.

Some Tweaks

Some small tweaks to your bathroom can really change the way it looks, especially when it’s holiday season. For example, change the lights to suit your style. If you like edison bulbs, replace the blaring, bright LEDs with them. If you like a soft warm glow, buy some string lights to add that tint.

Add some art pieces that define the holidays and go all out. You could also enhance your bathroom by changing the rugs, accessories, shower curtains and other things that add character to it. Add a ladder shelf or a large mirror or even a little storage cabinet for all your linens.


Making sure the entire decor goes with your vanity is important. The most commonly used colors for the vanity are white, tan and dark brown. These are timeless and also go with anything else you choose to add to the place. If you’re considering replacing your old vanity before this holiday season ends, choose a white vanity over the rest of the colors to make your bathroom festive. You could then thrown in some decor items in red and green to continue the spirit of Christmas. You could also choose a dark brown vanity color to give your bathroom an earthy Christmas-themed feel.

Just compliment the earthy brown vanity with green decor additions everywhere. If you want to choose a vanity color that will remain relevant throughout the year, you should go for a tan-colored one, which is versatile enough to support any color combination. So get creative and flaunt it across your private space.

Deck The Walls

While accessories and wall hangings are going to spruce up your bathroom, there is more that you can do to the wall itself. It’s such a vast, empty space that calls out for some decoration. Use wall decals or festive wallpaper to give it that extra edge it needs. You can also color the wall panels to a shade that defines the season.


If there’s one space in the bathroom that gets overlooked, it’s got to be the floor. But it needn’t be so and there’s a lot of work you can do on your floors too! To add some extra colour, consider changing the tiles to suit your style.

While it might be very expensive to change tiles according to every season, make it a neutral color when you do have the time and budget to change the tiles. The trick is to choose something you would love to have on the floor every season and one that makes your bathroom a space you look forward to entering.

Make it your space

At the end of all that decorating, the bathroom must be festive but not lose its central character – being a place that is yours and yours alone. It’s a private haven, a place away from all the noise and hustle, and one where you can be with yourself and enjoy a private moment. For anyone who is visiting you, the bathroom must reflect your style, personality, fashion sense and your ability to host and blend your home seamlessly into the holidays.

Holidays are a time to get everyone together and be thankful for the people around you. While you do this, make sure you let them know exactly how you personalize your holidays by extending your seasonal decor right up to your bathrooms as well. This will make the holidays so much more special for you and everyone else!