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How You Should Choose the Best RTA Cabinet Supplier

How You Should Choose the Best RTA Cabinet Supplier

When deciding which RTA cabinet supplier to purchase from you want to ask yourself, do they offer a large selection of quality products within an affordable price range that you can receive in a timely fashion? This is key because your client is going to want their kitchen completed quickly with stylish, yet durable cabinetry and you want to be confident in the product to ensure that you can provide the desired dream kitchen without cutting into your profit margins or interfering with project timeframes.

How should you choose a cabinet supplier?

Advising clients to do their research before renovating their kitchen builds trust and credibility with you as their contractor. By helping them understand the steps you go through to choose the best RTA cabinet supplier, homeowners will have confidence in your work and pricing.

Check reviews

Before choosing a supplier, your clients can check reviews online. The best cabinet companies will have reviews readily available. They want the public to know that they have helped other contractors create beautiful kitchens.

Ask for samples

As a cabinet dealer, you can receive a dealer kit with samples of every door and color the manufacturer provides. If you don’t have a specific sample the homeowner wants to see, ask the supplier to ship one. It is worth it to you and the supplier to show the homeowner how the cabinet color and style will look in their kitchen.

Staff of professional designers

As a contractor, hiring a designer can be expensive. The best RTA cabinet suppliers will have a staff of professional designers to help you create a fantastic kitchen layout for your clients.

Other Deciding Factors

Quality Products-

The best kitchen cabinets are usually made of solid wood or plywood rather than particle board and are built with dovetail or dado joinery for secure drawer structure. A quality line will have frames and panels made of either solid wood or plywood, full extension drawer glides, and UV coatings on the finish. Avoid Melamine-coated particleboard cabinets as they represent the lower end of kitchen cabinets and are typically damaged beyond repairability by water, odors, and stains.

A top supplier will offer Framed and Frameless cabinet boxes in a variety of door styles and colors to choose from. The same quality guidelines apply to both Framed and Frameless cabinets, though. The good news is that many RTA cabinet dealers offer sample doors on loan, so you can easily guide a homeowner through the selection process and show them the difference in styles and quality of cabinet fronts so that you can provide your client options without overwhelming them.


As an industry professional, pricing and profit margins are a particularly important factor which is why you need to find a supplier that supports your business by offering you quality products without a hefty price tag. It is also important to make sure that they do not also sell to retail consumers and that they will protect your pricing details.

Timely Delivery-

Ready-To-Assemble cabinets also referred to as RTA cabinets are the efficient choice for most kitchen renovations since they can usually ship within a week with reasonable shipping rates and minimal damage. Ordering pre-assembled cabinets is an alternate option if you have limited space to build the cabinet boxes on your own but they can take anywhere from two to six weeks to be built and shipped.

Due to assembled cabinets having longer lead times, higher shipping rates, and an increased risk for damages, RTA cabinets will end up saving you time and money in the long run. Check with the cabinet provider to ensure that they offer local and nationwide shipping.

Where to Find

When looking for a highly regarded wholesale distributor of kitchen cabinets in Atlanta, look to CabinetCorp, a top distributor of high-quality Framed and Frameless cabinetry for over 30 years.

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