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What Are Tacoma Style Cabinets?


What Are Tacoma Style Cabinets? 

The Tacoma-style cabinets are built like Shaker-style cabinets with a little

Tacoma Duskmore flare. The difference between the Shaker style and Tacoma-style is the extra beveled edge to the cabinet door and drawer front. 

All doors and drawers start with the simple Shaker recessed panel, but the HDF overlay with the beveled edge gives it a little more style and personality than the Shaker cabinets. If you consider the Shaker-style cabinet not to fit your transitional style kitchen, the Tacoma-style might be just the right fit for you. 

The Tacoma-style cabinets have a little more adornment than the Shaker-style and can be accessorized even more with different paint finishes, handles, and knobs to fit right into your home decor.


What is the Tacoma Style? 

Tacoma White

Tacoma White

At Cabinet Corp, Tacoma-style cabinets have all plywood 1/2” box with painted exterior. The solid HDF frames have HDF center panel, glued & stapled or metal, and painted cabinet exterior. 

All drawers have clip assembly with full-overlay doors and drawers with full undermount glides. The drawers have full extension, soft-close glides, and doors have concealed European soft-close hinges. The interior is UV coated 1/2” natural plywood.  

The cabinets come in a choice of two finishes:

  • White
  • Dusk


For those who are concerned, the Tacoma-style cabinets are not contemporary enough, may not have considered kitchen cabinets in white, dusk. These colors continue to be high on the design trends but lend well toward modern design. 

With glossy countertops or stainless steel appliances, your kitchen can be as contemporary as you want with the beauty and durability you expect from your kitchen cabinets. 

Ask our in-house kitchen designer to help you achieve the right look for your kitchen cabinets and what will work best to flow into the rest of your home. 


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