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6 Frequently Asked Questions When Ordering From CabinetCorp


6 Frequently Asked Questions When Ordering From CabinetCorp

Ordering can be tricky through other companies. Not everyone has an e-commerce platform to make it easier for you. By double-checking the delivery when you receive it to ensure all the pieces arrive and nothing is damaged, you boost your clients’ confidence in using your services. 

Here are the questions we get asked about the ordering and shipping process. 

1) Is your warehouse local? Or is your inventory sufficient?

To keep freight cost low, and freight damages to a minimum, we currently have warehouses in Nevada, New Jersey, and Georgia. Each warehouse receives multiple shipments daily, as we continuously replenish our inventory. We have more than $10 million in stock at any given time. We pride ourselves on shipping orders on time and complete.

2) If OOS (out of stock), how long should I wait for the items to be back in stock?

Despite all our planning efforts, on some occasions, we will have SKUs that sell faster than we anticipated if an item shows up as OOS (out of stock), at the time of placing your order. A customer service representative will be able to tell you exactly when that item will be available once again. This allows you plenty of time to tweak your design if needed to complete the sale. Most items, if unavailable at the time of purchase, will be replenished in a week.

3) How long will it take for me or my customer to receive the shipment after I place the order? If it is a rush order, can you process that faster, and what is the cost of the rush?

We have a noon cutoff for orders to be considered the same business day. Once we receive your order, RTA orders will ship in 24-48 hours, and assembled orders will ship on the 5th business day. In the event you need an order rushed, for the additional charge of $150.00, CabinetCorp can ship RTA cabinets the same day, and assembled cabinets in 3 days. Always check with customer service first for any rush orders.

4) After you ship the order(s) out, what services can you offer? Ie. damage, delay, claim, etc.

Once your order leaves our warehouse, we will instantly send you tracking information. You will be able to follow your package until it reaches its destination. In the event you have any problems after shipment, our customer service team is available to assist you in getting your issue resolved.

We ask that you send us a detailed description of what the problem is along with any pictures and documentation. Within three business days, your claim should have a resolution. We don’t stop there; a lifetime limited warranty covers all of our products.

5) If it is necessary to talk to my customer directly, what requirements do I need? Ie. blind bill of lading, blind customer service phone call?

CabinetCorp is set up to deal with trade professionals only. We will not sell directly to the consumer, or work with anyone that does not have an account with us. We do this for your protection as our partner. We understand the importance of not sharing your cost with anyone, and therefore you must have a login and password to access pricing on our website.

We also will ship all products with a package list only and no pricing. In the event we do receive a phone call from a consumer, we try to find out who their trade professional is and alert them immediately that their customer contacted us. We respect your business.

6) Does your website remember my previous orders?

Yes, our website makes it easy for you to place duplicate or ongoing orders by recalling your previous purchases.

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