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The Kitchen Industry Revealed – Part Three: How Does Environment Affect the Kitchen Industry?

The-Kitchen-Industry-Revealed---Part-Three--How-Does-Environment-Affect-the-Kitchen-Industry-2 CabinetCorp

Everyone acknowledges the tax season is one reason behind why everyone goes new kitchen crazy in spring.  However, tax is just one factor among many. In this article we will be talking about the environment, and how the weather and society in general influences kitchen industry. What influences are at play in the spring? Keep reading to find out.

The-Kitchen-Industry-Revealed---Part-Three--How-Does-Environment-Affect-the-Kitchen-Industry-2 CabinetCorpAs the spring flowers push their way up through the earth, lambs frolic in the fields, humans find they have a bounce in their step. The natural environment changes and asserts its influence over the kitchen industry as well. There are other factors at play as well. Society has developed around the rhythms of nature, and there is a reason we do certain things at certain times of the year. In this article, we will be revealing the different ways the spring environment affects the kitchen industry. We have already discussed what goes on behind the scenes in production. We have also discussed how people work together at each stage of the process, and how each group influences the kitchen industry. Now, prepare for a surprise because there might be more than spring flowers and lambs subtly causing you to think about new kitchens.

How The Environment Drives The Spring Kitchen Industry Rush

There are two meanings for the word, “environment”. The first, most obvious, meaning is the environment itself: The weather, time of year, and other external factors that humans can’t control. A second meaning can be the environment of human society. In this article, we will be exploring how these two factors influence the kitchen cabinet industry.

The Effect Of Human Society

Humans all over the world live in highly varied physical environments, and often the social environment links to the physical one. For example, in hot countries, they will often have a nap midday. In cold countries, they stay awake all day to make the most of the warmest time available. Society and environment are two intrinsically linked factors.

First, let’s consider the human and societal factors which affect the kitchen industry.

Tax Season

The-Kitchen-Industry-Revealed---Part-Three--How-Does-Environment-Affect-the-Kitchen-Industry-6 CabinetCorpThe tax season does, no doubt, affect the kitchen industry. If the buyer doesn’t have money available to purchase their dream kitchen then the whole chain will come to a grinding halt. As you have been learning, there is more to the busy season of Spring than tax. But, it does play a part. If people are from a wealthy family, the tax doesn’t really affect them. Yet, spring will be a time when they have paid what is due, and they can see what they have available to allocate to other projects. Less wealthy families might get a tax rebate, and then they can excitedly consider how to use the “windfall”. Tax season might be the point they are able to finally treat themselves to the kitchen of their dreams.

The Real Estate Market

The housing market has a big effect on the kitchen industry. The best time to put a house on the market is in spring, and this drives a lot of new kitchen remodelling activity.
When sellers want to put their house up for sale they will often want to fit a new kitchen. Doing this adds value to the house, and helps them get higher offers on their property. Or, on the other hand, buyers will go for a property without the best kitchen. Once the house is theirs, they can enjoy fitting a new kitchen, to fit their taste perfectly.

Spring Cleaning

The-Kitchen-Industry-Revealed---Part-Three--How-Does-Environment-Affect-the-Kitchen-Industry-4 CabinetCorpThe tradition in most homes and cultures is to do a big clean in the spring. Why is this? Usually, because over winter there are many holidays and celebrations which take up time and create the extra build up of grime. As the environment begins to change, and shake off the weight of winter, spring seems the most appropriate time to start afresh at home as well. And, once people get started on their spring clean the shortcomings of their kitchen become glaringly obvious. Perhaps, the design isn’t that great, or the surfaces don’t clean easily. Many people at this point will think, “Well, why continue scrubbing? Maybe it’s time for a new kitchen!”

Other Influential Factors

The-Kitchen-Industry-Revealed---Part-Three--How-Does-Environment-Affect-the-Kitchen-Industry-3 CabinetCorpIn Spring, the holidays from school are relatively short-lived. You may plan a short holiday, but many people will save their travel plans for summer when the time-off from school is longer.

In addition, families who might pay for extra tuition at times of year when there are exams won’t have this extra burden during spring. When they don’t need to pay for the tuition they will have funds available to put towards other uses. Such as treating the household to a new kitchen.

The Effect Of The Natural Environment

Humans cannot change the natural environment. This means people and societies across the world have developed around the natural rhythms which surround them. How do these effects influence the kitchen industry?

In the spring, you don’t have severe weather anymore. Even, in the most extreme reaches of the world (north and south), you will find snow melting and deserts not yet at their most brutal. Spring is a mild time of year and this is conducive to having your kitchen remodeled.


The-Kitchen-Industry-Revealed---Part-Three--How-Does-Environment-Affect-the-Kitchen-Industry-5 CabinetCorpBuyers don’t have to brave bad weather to shop. When you want to go outside to look for cabinets, or to browse the store displays near you, you will find the weather’s more agreeable in spring. Not too cold, and not too hot – just perfect.


The weather doesn’t affect just the buyer. The conditions for shipping are the best they can be in spring. The weather is at its most consistent across the world (in comparison to other seasons), even between different hemispheres.


The spring is a good time for warehouses to do an inventory of all their stock. The weather is good, and they can prepare for the new stock which will arrive in time for the new season. The spring season usually heralds all the new styles and exciting innovations to their shelves.

Springtime Mood

The-Kitchen-Industry-Revealed---Part-Three--How-Does-Environment-Affect-the-Kitchen-Industry-1 CabinetCorpThe spring has a direct effect on the happiness of humans. The warmer days cheer everyone up, and extra exposure to the sun is a scientifically proven mood-booster. Spring days wake up the world around us before the oppressive heat of summer gets us all back down again. The longer days are better for people’s well-being; they can get out more, and enjoy the outdoors without having to suffer through cold or heat.

Human creativity gets a boost in spring as well. If you suddenly find yourself composing poetry about the blossoms, or having an urge to get your watercolors out, spring could be behind it. This is prime time to engage your kitchen designer because they will be at their most creative.

Let’s Zoom Out

Over the course of this series of three articles, you have discovered what goes on behind the scenes. You now understand the process the industry follows when creating and producing wonderful products for you all. You have also discovered all the people who are a part of the industry chain. Lastly, you have learned about how the environment, society and nature affect us. You will no longer wonder why you start dreaming of a new kitchen in the spring. This spring, why not make those dreams a reality?