Why the Dovetail Joint is Important for Cabinets

Dovetail Cabinet Drawers

We’re all about cabinets here at CabinetCorp. As an online supplier of wholesale cabinets to contractors, we like to make sure contractors and readers of this blog know about the CabinetCorp difference when it comes to our cabinets.

Something that sets us apart is the construction of our cabinet drawers. In the About Us section here on our website, you’ll read that all of our cabinet drawers are dovetail drawers. According to, “Dovetails generally indicate a well-made drawer.” We couldn’t agree more.

But not everyone knows what this term means. To help contractors and customers learn more about cabinet construction, we’ve written this blog article to explain this concept.

What is a Dovetail Joint?

Dovetail cabinet drawers provide strength.

The dovetail joint is used to unite the drawer front and back with the two sides. Corresponding trapezoidal shapes are cut into each end of the corner pieces, which are then perfectly interlocked, kind of like a puzzle. Once glued, a wooden dovetail joint usually requires no mechanical fasteners.

Why the Dovetail is Important

What makes the dovetail joint so important for cabinet drawer construction is its resistance to being pulled apart. The interlocking pieces create a strong joint with just the quality wood. This joint is made even stronger with glue. The front-to-side joints take the bulk of a strain on a cabinet drawer. If you’ve ever pulled a drawer open and came away with the drawer front in your hand, it was not likely made with a dovetail joint.

History of the Dovetail Joint

Dovetail joints have a long history.

Some of the earliest examples of the dovetail joint are in furniture entombed with mummies dating back to ancient Egypt as well as the ancient tombs of Chinese emperors. So as you can see, it’s been around a long time. In Europe, it is also called the swallow-tail or fantail joint. It is a distinguishing factor in furniture construction and helps in determining the age of a piece.

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