Bring In The Christmas Cheer

BLURB: It’s almost time for Santa to fill up those stockings with incredible gifts and for the family to come together and celebrate Christmas. At this time of the year, everyone’s doing everything to transform their homes in time for the festive season. And what’s a great place in your home to redecorate? To feel warm and to bring about a festive cheer? The kitchen, of course! Here are a few tips on how you can make that happen to give your family, and yourself, a very merry Christmas.


Christmas is that time of the year when everyone wants to feel warm, and there’s an overall feeling of goodness and celebration. The weather is sometimes ruthlessly cold but there’s always a lovely warmth in your home, and especially in your kitchen. So, during this time, what else can you do to make your kitchen feel more welcome? There are the usual festive decorations, of course, but can you go a step further and re-do little things that can make the kitchen look more cheery and warmer this season?


Sense And Sensibility


When you give your kitchen a makeover, customize the designs to suit who you are and what you want to present to your family and guests. Be aware of your home and how it is, spatially, before you decide to remodel. That way, the holidays will only be more cheerful and feel more personal to everyone involved in it.

Christmas Tree


The hero of the occasion, of course, is the Christmas Tree, usually placed in the dining or the family room of the house. These rooms are generally where most families set up their Christmas trees because they’re where the family comes together and spends a lot of time. They’re also the places closest to the kitchen, which is all the more reason why the kitchen should be decorated as well.


A Christmas tree that’s adorned with festive lights, garlands, baubles, and trinkets, gives out a warm, muted glow that can envelop your home in its arms. Add little trinkets and ornaments that are personal and define your home and family. This makes the place all the more special since the trinkets and baubles will have their own stories, which in turn become the story of your home.


To make sure that your kitchen, the most important space in your home, isn’t left out, you could add a miniature tree there on the countertop, overlooking the entire space. Decorate it too, and perhaps add trinkets that are meaningful to that space and help define it. Beyond looking festive, a little Christmas tree in your kitchen could also make a statement. The location of both the main tree and it’s little companion in the kitchen is important. They together set the tone for the entire festival so make sure they are both visible and yet, not too close to each other.


Christmas Kitchen Decor


After the tree, it’s time to bring the spirit of Christmas into the kitchen. Change those old kitchen towels to more seasonal and festive ones, celebrating Christmas. Hang them on a nice little hook or tie them at the middle with a red flower or ribbon. You could have two towels in green and red, going along with the major colors of the festival or even add some Santa hats to the area to make it look good. If you have a kitchen island, throw in a touch of winter to make it blend in with the entire space.


There are many other ways to decorate the kitchen, apart from just the towels and rugs. Apart from the traditional red and green, you could also choose to make the tableware, rugs, tablecloths and napkins black and white, to give your kitchen a very minimalist feel. Or, if you prefer the homey and rustic look, then you have plenty of rustic Christmas decor styles, that are very in this season, to play with. Whatever style you choose, make sure it gives the whole place a feeling of warmth and of things being settled in.


Show Off That Wreath


Wreaths are very common these days, and work well in any season. And don’t restrict the charm they can add to your decor by assuming they’re meant just for the outside of your home. Hang a few colorful wreaths in the kitchen to go with your decor or paint colors. Make sure they match the other colors you’ve chosen for the kitchen. Simply put, you can change the entire mood of the area with wreaths.


If you’re trying to give it a little touch of spring, get ones with flowers that are blooming. For a more rustic look, get the driftwood wreaths that instantly remind you of all the earthy goodness in the world.Hang them over the stove or on kitchen windows. You could even hang them from the top of the cupboards. What a simple way to make your kitchen bright and Christmas-y.


Christmas Lights


Christmas is never the same without the lights, whether it’s in the patio or inside the home. Decorate your tree with the same pattern you’ve used around the home. If it’s traditional get the red, white and green lights. Or, you can even have a frosty tree decked in white lights and give your entire home a nice, wintery look.


If you want some warmth, go for the muted yellow lights that give out a subtle glow, making your home look lovely and inviting. Whatever kind of lighting you choose, make sure it’s consistent with what you’re doing inside and outside your home. If you have a large wall in your kitchen that’s got some space, then consider stringing some fun photographs of your family and twirling some string lights around them to not just make your kitchen look great, but offer a great conversation starter.


This Christmas, Let Your Kitchen Shine


Kitchens are an important part of festivals and it’s only appropriate that a lot of the decoration happens in the this space. It’s where people come together and enjoy a meal, celebrate good times and feel like a family. So at this time of the year, create a special place for the ones you love by giving your kitchen a little bit of magic.