Sell Your Home Easily With These Six Home Staging Tips

While it’s tough enough to decide that you want to sell your home, there’s a lot more to do before you put it on the market. A potential buyer needs to walk into a home he desires and only then does the sale happen. So how can you make your home desirable to anyone who walks in? Here are a few tips.

Now that you have decided that your home is going to go on the market, it’s important to think about how soon you want to sell it and for what value. If you are going to have an open house with stained carpets and bare rooms, the chances of selling it are not so great. When a buyer walks in, they must be able to visualize themselves living in the house. For that, you need to spruce it up a bit so that they know that you made the effort to help them imagine what their dream home would be like. These tips will help you know exactly what to do to give your home that desirable effect.


Judging A Home By Its Exterior

It’s almost impossible to think that someone will fall in love with your home the moment they pull into your driveway. But it’s important to make sure the home looks neat not just on the inside but the outside as well. If the lawn needs some mowing or the garden needs some tinkering, this is the time to get it done.

Change your garage doors if they’ve lived a long life, clean the front windows (or all your windows) and also paint your home. You could even give the exterior of your house a power wash (don’t forget the walkways!) so that it looks brand new – no one wants to buy a home that ‘looks’ old!


Nice And Bright

Now that your prospective buyer likes the outside, they must be able to see everything when they walk inside your home. Keep all the lights on! Make sure there’s enough natural light in the mornings, pull the curtains aside and make sure every overhead light is turned on. In case you need more, buy some LED candles or string lights. It’s important that the house you are trying to sell doesn’t look old, dingy and dark. The brighter it is, the faster it will get sold.

If your budget allows it, you could even consider switching out your old lights with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs. Besides helping your home score on the environmentally-friendly front, it’s a surefire way to make your home appear modern and bright.



While it’s understandable that you might have placed your home on the market even before you’ve moved out of it, the buyer must also be able to see that the house is up for sale. In other words, the house shouldn’t look ‘lived-in’ and the buyer must be able to project themselves living in your home with their family. So, take down all the pictures and paintings on the wall and cover up any nails. Get rid of any torn or old furniture and arrange the new ones properly. Make sure the house looks like a home but one’s that’s ready for a new family. Keep off stray papers or files or magazines that may be lying around anywhere.

One of the major contributors to a cluttered look is having too much furniture. When professional stagers prepare the home for the market, they often take away as much as half the owner’s furnishings. This makes the house look much bigger! Of course, you may not really entertain the idea of getting rid of everything in your house but do consider what you really need and don’t. You could even consider moving some of your stuff to a storage unit and retrieve it when you’re ready to move yourself.


Appeal To All Senses

The house you are selling could look great and be a lovely home for someone else but instead of making it just that, give the buyer an experience that they would remember. You could always resort to the age-old trick of baking some cookies just before you’re about to have someone over to see the house. Or, you could leave a vanilla-scented candle somewhere or try an essential oil diffuser for the buyers to enjoy.

You also need to think of the sense of touch – so roll out some plush rugs, add in lots of throw cushions, place feather soft bath mats and hang up soft hand towels in the bathrooms.

These experiences will not just earn you brownie points but will also help your home stay in the memories of all the people who check it out. And that in turn will sell your home faster. You can also play some good, calming music that will be soothing to the buyer while they are deciding on your home.


Floor Them

Take a good look at the floors before you are ready to sell your home. Buyers like homes that are clean and look new. So if you’re wooden floor looks faded or if the carpet is coming out, take a few days to fix the problem. Even if you have to replace the entire floor, it will be profitable to do it since it will raise the value of your home.


Be Neutral

When it comes to paint color, it’s the simplest and cheapest way to express yourself. However, when it’s time to sell your home your personality is the first thing you want to remove from the home. So, paint all the walls in neutral colours since they give the look of a clean home that’s ready for any kind of person(s). Keep in mind that the homebuyer would prefer a neutral shade so that they can personalize it when they have bought the house. If you want to stage the home, use neutral accents like throws, linen, mirrors and shower curtains. If you want to add splashes of color, you can use fresh flowers to give the place a colorful, crisp and natural look.

Repainting your house before putting it on the market is extremely important if you want to convince homebuyers soon. To be safe, always assume that buyers will be picky about what they want. So when they look at a room with a painted wall, it almost looks like you made a decision on their behalf and they may not approve of it. So repaint the wall and give it a lovely, neutral look.


It Sounds Tough

Staging sounds like a lot of work and money and it probably is but it’s important to look back at the time you bought the house. How did it look? If it had looked old or dark, or had peeling paint, would you have considered it? Also, it’s important to tell yourself that the money spent on the house is an investment. The newer it looks, the more it will sell for and the faster it will get off the market.