Five Major Home Renovation Projects To Finish Before Winter Comes

We’re all still lounging in our summer shorts and cotton shirts, wishing the weather would stay as warm as it is now. But winter is looming and it’s time to get off your chair before it’s too late to make some repairs. Maybe some tiles are missing on your roof or your chimney needs a good clean. Whatever it is you have to do, this is the perfect season to do it since it’s not too hot or cold. Here are some ideas for what you can do to help keep your home warm in winter and save some money too.

Check Those Windows And Doors

One of the ways to keep your home warm is to make sure you have well-insulated doors and windows. And you’ve probably let it go so far but it’s only in winter you notice how good or bad the insulation of your house really is. Old windows can get drafty and let cold air. in even through the glass. 

The easiest and cheapest way to deal with this is to install low-emissivity storm windows that control heat and cold. Or, you could also go ahead and replace the windows in your house altogether. Don’t forget your doors either because they can let in cold drafts just as much as your windows. In winter, old wooden doors can swell up and make things uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can fix these up easily. Give them a new coat or varnish and keep them well-packed and insulated for the coming season.

Get On The Roof

We all have those projects that we keep putting off because it’s inconvenient to do them – like replacing those loose tiles or shingles on the roof. Well, now’s the time to think about getting up on the roof and fixing them up. If you find that there’s a lot of damage up there, perhaps it’s a good time to replace your entire roof. 

You’ll find that doing this will keep your home very warm when the temperature drops and also give the shingles time to set in before ice or snow. If you have a flat roof that is surfaced with asphalt and pebbles, then rake or blow off those leaves and pine needles. These tend to hold moisture and could cause a lot of problems later on. Roofs are an important part of your home and keeping it intact will not only keep you and family comfortable, it will save you tons of money for years to come.

Check The Driveway

One of those things that’s so easy to miss is the drive way. We use it everyday but when was the last time you gave it a good, hard look? Are there cracks on the floor or do you notice a lot of bumps and potholes? Perhaps your asphalt driveway is nearing the end of its lifetime (which is generally about 20 years) and it’s time to change it.

If you don’t think the condition is that dire, then pick up your tool box and get to work on those pot holes yourself. This is a great time to look at the driveway because asphalt works well in warm weather. However, the moment it becomes chilly, it can get really hard to get it to work the way you want it to. A liquid filter or an asphalt crack patching kit will do the job for you! And doing it yourself will once again reduce the dollars you spend on keeping your home in good shape.

Siding Up And Flooring It

You may want to think about siding projects at the end of summer since they will be important in keeping your home warm in winter. Also, it’s easier to deal with issues in summer than in cold weather. 

If you re-side the house then the siding materials, backed with foam, will act as insulation, particularly near the studs. But if your siding is vinyl then wait till fall to do it, since vinyl expands in summer and shrinks in winter. The next thing to look at is your flooring. Are the carpets threadbare? That’s not going to work well when the mercury dips! Installing a new carpet is a great way to insulate your home too. And if you don’t like carpet flooring, explore other options like brand new hardwood floors with a contractor.

Clean The Gutters

This is probably one of the most important projects to undertake before winter. Summer and fall could mean blockages and a clogged up gutter. So make sure these are taken care of before it gets cold and icy. 

You might find that your gutters are full of leaves and other debris that is weather-prone and it’s easier to clean them in warm weather. Once winter sets in, it’s almost impossible to get yourself or anyone else to unclog them: The debris might have either frozen up or the roof might be slippery making it dangerous to get up there. But if you leave the job undone, it could cause a lot of problems and expenses later. So fall is the best time to grab a ladder and clear the gutters yourself or you could hire someone to do it for you.

Better Safe Than Sorry

While it might be hard to do all of these projects and they might turn out to be very expensive too , it’s important to remember why you are embarking on this journey. Winter can be harsh and it’s best to be prepared for it. Like they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Think of it as an investment – on your home, yourself, your family and most importantly, everyone’s health.