Kitchen Design Trends That Will Rule The Roost in 2017-18

BLURB: When you are looking out for ways to renovate or redo your kitchen, it’s nice to keep in mind the trends of the day. Every year, different trends pop up in the kitchen space and here’s a look at trends that are here to stay through this year and the next. Are you taking notes, already?


If your kitchen is a few years old, it’s only natural that you yearn for a change or an upgrade.

Maybe you’ve got an idea in mind or perhaps you’re wondering what’s trending these days. Being in sync with current design trends is a good idea before starting your redesign project because it’s not just your kitchen that you’re upgrading, but your entire home.


Today, kitchens are an integral part of any home because they are no longer hidden: The preference for open floor plans isn’t going to fade anytime soon, with people wanting to cook and entertain and dine in one seamless space. What that means is your kitchen upgrade needs to reflect the personality, while making it a space that’s practical and utilitarian.


But first, think about what kind of a person you are: Are you a cook or are you an entertainer? If you’re an entertainer, then your upgrade should lean more towards aesthetics than utility. But if you’re like everyone, you’re a happy mix between cook and entertainer so, your kitchen needs to look great while still packing in practicality and usability. In short, keep your eyes open for statement pieces that are utilitarian – killing two birds with one stone.


Cabinets With Character


There’s no denying the timelessness of white cabinets – it’s a neutral color that makes even small kitchens look bigger, brighter and clean. But, in recent times, two other color choices are gaining pace on white cabinets. Grey, green and navy blue cabinets are becoming the new white, giving kitchens a modern and classy look that packs a punch.


Lighter colored walls go well with these new neutral shades, helping to create an airy, spacious ambiance for your kitchens. Besides, they pair well with most contemporary design themes, helping you create a kitchen that’s aligned with all the latest trends. For the bolder, the sky’s the limit when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets. And don’t forget the backsplash – it’s a quick way to add small doses of colors to your kitchen.


Change That Granite


Everyone’s immediate choice for a countertop is granite. It’s dependable and people have been using it for years. But as we all know, granite is porous, absorbing any spills that aren’t cleaned up immediately. So, it’s time the world of kitchens moved onto the next big thing: Quartz countertops. Quartz is light and has a suave finish, making it the new go-to material for countertops.


Coupled with massive technological upgrades in its production, a quartz countertop can create the same sense of flow and movement in your kitchen while being long-lasting and easier to maintain. Besides, it looks chic and super trendy when thrown into a mix of other contemporary design trends. The cost of installing quartz countertops can be quite inhibiting for many people, but don’t forget that once installed, it requires very little maintenance; it has a long life comparable to granite countertops and most importantly, your kitchen will remain in trend for years to come.


Go Bohemian


Who doesn’t love a little bohemian influence? In fact, industrial material like steel, glass, concrete and brick are making a decisive entry into residential decor, with designers combining these materials in unconventional designs to create a bare and exposed look that’s really in trend now. Now one would imagine that such industrial designs would clash with the more conventional design elements that dominate most homes. Surprise! These designs look great when juxtaposed with traditional decor – albeit when done with a working sense of design.


So, throw in that old sewing table with a couple of exposed Edison bulbs; switch out the heavy wooden hutch with a shelving made of steel and wood; or, focus all the attention on your kitchen island using signature pendant lighting. Or, go completely eclectic and design yourself a unique space. Nothing like different materials that contrast with different prints in the same space.


Embrace Minimalism


It’s official: It’s no longer cool to have a house full of things. Minimalism as a design trend is all the rage now across the world and it’s quite simple: Less is beautiful. The idea is to declutter living spaces and in the process declutter lives too. Minimalist designs tend to create a sense of openness. Empty surfaces help create a sense of spaciousness and cleanliness by default. So, cramming your kitchen counters with every gadget imaginable is no longer in vogue.


This isn’t to say that kitchen appliances are useless – in fact, they are indispensable to modern living. The idea is to find or create hidden spaces where these appliances can be stored and accessed when necessary. Designers are all the time coming up with clever ideas and hacks to better utilize space and minimalism draws heavily from it. When you let minimalism dictate your new kitchen order, make sure you hold onto only those things that you truly use in your everyday cooking. Everything else can go or be hidden.


Glass Is Class


We all have our share of mildly embarrassing or inappropriate cups and dishes that we love to hide behind opaque cabinet doors. But, it’s time to come out into the open and embrace see-through glass cabinetry. Glass has a twofold effect: It aesthetically breaks up large chunks of wooden cabinetry while at the same time forcing you to display the best of your kitchenware, making for a kitchen that’s beautiful and trendy.


It will also make sure you don’t keep the things you don’t need but otherwise hoard for sentiment or memory’s sake. Remember minimalism? Yes, it’s time those things took a break and your kitchen shimmers in all its glassy glory.


The glass is making a huge comeback into kitchens, but this time it’s not to display endless hoards of fancy china or cute little figurines, but your minimalistic side.


Stay With The Times


Your kitchen is one of the biggest reflections of your personal sensibilities and these trends will help you personalize your cooking space in a way that is in line with the times. Take a look at our suggestions, and a hard, long look at your kitchen: What can be upgraded and what’s best left untouched? What design trends resemble you the most? And how far will you go to embrace minimalism?


If you’re worried about these trends going out of trend the moment you’re done with your upgrade, fret not – they are here to stay for a while. So, go wild and give yourself the gift of a new space that defines you and is defined by you at the same time.