Discount Kitchen Cabinets

Save thousands with premium discount cabinets at the best prices!

Searching for discount kitchen cabinets that won’t fall apart is a challenge. Many online stores offer discount RTA cabinets made of low-quality materials like particleboard and MDF. These are fine if you want to remodel the kitchen every five years.

If you’re looking for high-quality, all-plywood, and hardwood RTA low-price kitchen cabinets, Cabinet Corp can help. At Cabinet Corp, you will find various trending styles and colors of kitchen cabinets at affordable prices. Best of all, because there are no retail mark-ups or hassles of middlemen, you’re dealing directly with the wholesale manufacturer, which means higher savings for you.

Discount RTA Cabinets Online

Ordering RTA kitchen cabinets online has become more popular. And because they are flat-packed, they ship out quickly (within 48 hours) and are typically delivered within 4-6 days. You could effectively start your project one week from ordering your cabinets. Discount RTA cabinets at the best-priced cabinets you’ll find online. And when you work with a manufacturer, like Cabinet Corp, which produces all-plywood and hardwood wholesale kitchen cabinets, you’ll maintain your project budget every time. This makes your clients happy and allowing you significant business margins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Discount Kitchen Cabinets

What are discount kitchen cabinets made of?

When talking about affordable kitchen cabinets, RTA cabinets are the first to come to mind. Due to on-the-job assembly, RTA kitchen cabinets have low prices compared to pre-assembled or retail kitchen cabinets. High-quality RTA cabinets allow homeowners to value solid, durable, and beautiful cabinets that will last 20-30 years without building custom. You can find cheap RTA cabinets on the market, but they are cheap because they use inferior materials like particleboard and MDF. They are low cost due to the poor quality that’s not built to last. Over time particleboard cabinets will swell and decay when exposed to water, which is not well suited for a kitchen or bathroom. All-plywood discounts RTA cabinets are not affected by the environment and are built to last.

What are the best kitchen cabinets for the cost?

At Cabinet Corp, you will find both discount RTA cabinets and assembled cabinets compared to purchasing from a big-box retailer. Pre-assembled kitchen cabinets will save you on time for installation and assembly, but they cost more than RTA because they are assembled in the factory. Discount kitchen cabinets that are RTA and flat-packed will save you on shipping, delivery time, and overall cost. You’ll find that all kitchen cabinets are 40% less than retail prices. For larger orders of $3499 or more, you’ll receive free shipping. Once you decide which low price cabinet works best for your project, you can work with our Free expert design team to design the perfect kitchen.

How do I get kitchen cabinet discounts?

As a cabinet dealer, you are offered great cabinet discounts at 40% off big box store prices. The dealer program from Cabinet Corp has many benefits. You can take advantage of professional marketing materials like a catalog of current trends and styles to present to your clients. 18 door samples to help you show your clients the color and quality of the cabinets you’ll be installing. Every project comes with Free expert design services. For those larger orders of $3499 or more, you’ll qualify for free shipping as well! As part of the cabinet dealer program, you’ll receive promotional emails when there is special pricing on any of the cabinets or accessories. Join our cabinet dealership program today to take advantage of these great benefits.

Where should you buy discount kitchen cabinets?

Are you trying to find out where to buy discount kitchen cabinets? At Cabinet Corp, we offer high-quality RTA and assembled cabinets at discount prices you won’t find anywhere else. With trending styles, colors, and premium materials, you can find the perfect cabinet for your needs. Cabinet Corp ships to all 48 states in the continental US.

Ready To Buy Discount Kitchen Cabinets For Your Project?

Our expert designers are waiting to help you. They’ll cover everything from designing the layout to choosing the cabinet style and color. As a cabinet dealer, our design services are completely free.

You’ll also receive a Dealer Kit that includes all 18 cabinet door styles and finishes, closet samples, along with our 40-page brochure, and a Welcome packet with detailed instructions on how to navigate the website.